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Deutsch [Edelstahl Unterkünfte Blüten] Spanish [el Acero que no se mancha aloja las flores]
French [les cantonne fleurs sans tache d'Acier] Italian  [gli alloggia fiori di Acciaio senza macchia]

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Billet: A semi-finished steel form that is used for “long” products: bars, channels or other structural shapes. A billet is different from a slab because of its outer dimensions; billets are normally two to seven inches square, while slabs are 30 inches to 80 inches wide and two inches to ten inches thick. Both shapes are generally continually cast, but they may differ greatly in their chemistry

Bloom: A semi-finished steel form, with a rectangular cross-section that is more than 8”. This large cast steel shape is broken down in the mill to produce the familiar I-beams, H-beams, and sheet piling. Blooms are also part of the high-quality bar manufacturing process: Reduction of a bloom to a much smaller cross-section can improve the quality of the metal.

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