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Deutsch [Enamelled Windet + Blätter] Spanish [Enamelled Enrolla + hojas]
French [Enamelled Embobine + les draps] Italian  [L'Enamelled Avvolge + le lenzuola]

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Enamelled Steel: Enamel is a mixture of non-organic vitreous materials (quartz, sands, feldspars, clays etc) and fluxes (borax, soda ash etc) colored with various metal oxides. This mixture is fused at a high temperature of about 1300°C, cast and then cooled rapidly and crushed, thereby forming “enamel frit”, which is then ground to produce enamel. The enamelling process produces an everlasting fusion between the steel and the enamel. The process consists in the application and subsequent firing at high temperature (830°C) of one or more layers of enamel applied by various methods (dipping, spraying, coating, pneumatic or electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis) on to the carefully prepared surface of a panel. Firing at a high temperature generates a strong, indestructible fusion between the enamel and its substrate, which together form a new, stable material. Enamelled steel is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, detergents, solvents, acids, pollution, exposure to the weather, saline atmosphere, water, steam, fire, heat, cold (from -60°C to +450°C), abrasion, scratching. Enamelled steel is an excellent dielectric and ultraviolet rays have no effect on its colour or gloss.

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