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Deutsch [Electro Galvanized Windet + Blätter] Spanish [Cintas + Chapas Electro Galvanizadas]
French [Electro A Galvanisé des Bobines + les draps] Italian  [L'Electro Ha Galvanizzato le Bobine + le lenzuola]

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Electro Galvanized Steel: Zinc plating process whereby the molecules on the positively charged zinc anode attach to the negatively charged sheet steel. The thickness of the zinc coating is readily controlled. By increasing the electric charge or slowing the speed of the steel through the plating area, the coating will thicken. Steel coated with such zinc layer can provide corrosion resistance in underbody auto parts, garbage cans, storage tanks, or fencing wire. Sheet steel normally must be cold-rolled prior to the galvanizing stage.

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