Dished Head Design TO EN13445

Tolerances / norms

Data Input
Design Pressure  P N/mm^2
 Inside Diameter Di mm
Analysis Thickness ea mm
Inside Head Height (Ellipsoidal Only) hi mm
Inside Spherical Radius (Torispheres Only) R mm
Inside Knuckle Radius (Torispheres Only) mm
Design Stress f N/mm^2
Joint Factor z  
0.2% Yield Stress at Design Temperature =  N/mm^2

Note: 0.2% Proof Stress can be multiplied by 1.6 for Cold Spun Austenitic Stainless Steel Heads

Data Output

Factor X  
Factor Y  
Factor Z  
Factor N  
fb N/mm^2
Beta (for X= 0.06) =   
Beta (for X= 0.1)  =   
Beta (for 0.06 < X < 0.1)  =   
Beta (for X= 0.2) =   
Beta (for 0.1 < X < 0.2) =   
es (Thickness of Spherical Section) =  mm
eb (Knuckle thickness to resit plastic buckling) =  mm
ey (Knuckle thk. axisymmetric yielding) =  mm
Limitation Check =   
Torispherical inside head height =  mm
ASME 8 Div 1, Appendix 1, t =  mm

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