UNICOIL develops Colored Thin Organic Coating (CTOC) on Galvanized Steel 
Saudi Arabia - 2017 July 19  

In line with the vision and commitment in developing innovative solutions and eco-friendly smart products, UNICOIL introduced the recent development of Mogalvin CTOC - A Hot Dip Galvanized Steel with Colored Thin Organic Coating (CTOC).

CTOC is a special layer of coating that combines polymers and inorganic compounds tinted with color, providing galvanized steel with higher advanced properties, such as improved corrosion resistance, lubrication during forming operations, finger print resistance and aesthetics which makes it superior to the conventionally passivated galvanized steel. The product is available in two colors; blue and green.

Galvanized Steel with Colored Thin Organic Coating is suitable for both interior and exterior applications for the most demanding requirements of HVAC, Construction, Metal Furniture, Electrical Junction Boxes, and many more applications.

To avoid confusion, it is to be understood that this product is not a substitute for the pre-painted galvanized steel.

Mogalvin CTOC is free from Hexavalent Chrome - an ROHS compliant and eco-friendly product.

Source: MEsteel.com


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